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Why it’s Important to Be Overly Cautious and Prepared

Why it’s Important to Be Overly Cautious and Prepared

Countries around the world claim they have seen it all, and the worst wave of #COVID19 is behind us. Does that mean we dispose of the surgical gloves and N95 masks we have been wearing everywhere? Does that mean we stop washing our hands and sanitizing our places? Most importantly, do we resume our old habits of proximity as we did in the pre-Coronavirus days?

Many countries expect the pandemic wave to hit again in June and some even later during fall. This means we are still not completely free from the wrath of the pandemic and the virus is still surviving amongst us. Our practices of sanitization should continue as we have been doing the last few months. The reason the second wave may come in the fall season is because that is around the time when people generally catch the seasonal flu.

How We Save Ourselves from the Second Wave of #Coronavirus

We have to follow these pointers to be safe from the second wave in the fall season ahead of us.

  • Disinfecting Surroundings: We have to continue the cleaning and disinfecting of our homes and businesses through these upcoming months. In places with heavy traffic and where people could likely be exposed, we need to have more of the disinfection process going on repeatedly all day, every day. Remember to continually clean your hands, desks, kitchen counters, bathrooms, and any surface that could contain contaminants with our Angel Tree 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol Wipes. These wipes decrease germs and are perfect for protecting your employees, customers, and family members.
  • Regular Sanitizing Self: As a mark of preparedness, we have to continue covering our face with masks. We have to ensure to cover our faces when we cough or sneeze. Also, make sure to use the wipes to clean off any germs. Use sanitizers regularly to clean hands thoroughly. We have to continue urging everyone in our homes and offices to be cautious about their health.
  • Office Decorum: Now, let’s talk about the office and other workplaces with new rules are that will be set to new standards. While some businesses are continuing to operate online, many others around the world are opening up. The ones opening now should remember the safety of the employees comes first. Checking body temperatures at the door every day for employees arrive at work and imposing strict fines on sick employees who come into work will be helpful, we also urge employees to keep their desks clean and with Angel Tree, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes every hour or so. These wipes come with 50 sheets per package and an easy pop open-top to makes cleaning fast, convenient and hassle-free!

Do We Need to Be Overly Cautious?

For many people, these past few months have been stressful with home quarantine measures. They now crave to go back to the restaurants, bars, parks, beaches, or other community spots, however, we are still very far from that kind of phase without risk. Social distancing is the new normal, and it has to be in place until the second wave is over. The damage the second wave could cause will be severe if we do not exercise caution now and maintain levels of over-preparedness.

Considering the Coronavirus’s trend of mutating and hitting back with renewed vigor, being ready for it is the only thing we can do and with the help of Angel Tree 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol Wipes, you will be prepared. Please be safe during thee peculiar times and let us know how we can be of help.

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